Reward for Abu Sayyaf Leaders

PhillipinesUS State Department’s offer of $2.5 million (Dh9 million) reward for three terror leaders in the southern Philippines, a senior official said.US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly announced on Wednesday a $1 million reward for information on Radullan Sahiron, identified as the new Abu Sayyaf leader in Mindanao; another $1 million for Abdul Basit Usman, alleged Abu Sayyaf bomb maker, and $500,000 for Khair Mundos, alleged financier of the group. Th ereward had made it easy to take on with the Philipine Government.The Philippine government has also offered five million pesos (Dh390,000) for Sahiron’s arrest. They say that Sharion Was behind the kidnapping of 21 Asians & Westerners.