Reward for Abu Sayyaf Leaders

PhillipinesUS State Department’s offer of $2.5 million (Dh9 million) reward for three terror leaders in the southern Philippines, a senior official said.US State Department spokesman Ian Kelly announced on Wednesday a $1 million reward for information on Radullan Sahiron, identified as the new Abu Sayyaf leader in Mindanao; another $1 million for Abdul Basit Usman, alleged Abu Sayyaf bomb maker, and $500,000 for Khair Mundos, alleged financier of the group. Th ereward had made it easy to take on with the Philipine Government.The Philippine government has also offered five million pesos (Dh390,000) for Sahiron’s arrest. They say that Sharion Was behind the kidnapping of 21 Asians & Westerners.



Decline in GCC Property

Gcc earning are likely to fall of to 20% according to the Kuwait Financial Centre.While Earning have been capsized down to 42% in 2008 as compared to thath of 2007.Earnings of real estate companies also had adown fall by 31 per cent year on year in 2008 but were better than the overall earnings.

Abu Dhabi-based Aldar, expect earnings of $543 million this year. The developer, who is famously working on the Ferrari-branded theme parks, recently sold Dh4.5 billion in bonds making it the first real estate company to issue debt since August last year.

However, the property market is now stabilising and therefore market value has recovered since the beginning of the year.aldar

Bond Comes to RealLife!!!!

The Bond actor who is on top recently on the shoot of  Runaway Minivan where his co collegue & actress Uma Thruman was on the location of a new ongoin movie during the shooting of the film where Pierce Brosan spotted a minivan speeding & exceeding the limit to Uma Thruman. It was known that Uma was resting on a grassy plain with her cast & the crew members of the movie & suddenly Pierce started yelling out “Get out of the way”. When no one payed attention to him he ran toward the high speeding van jumped in & pressed the brakes.

Pierce Brosnan                                Uma Thruman

Down on Ahead!!!

Chauncey BillupsMost of them find Lakers on the head caue Lebron James & Chauncey Billups  are the guys that they coun on. We can see thath chauncey Billups have won the championship foe the lasy fallof season of NBA 2008 wheras James the heat player has taken all his way to suceed to the finals.


We have been hearing all kinda of stories were Cleveland has been has gone down to (1-3)  &  Denver Nuggets is gone down by (3-2)

Well lets look foward on to the 2009 playoff  NBA wher we can expect more to happens as the


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