Bond Comes to RealLife!!!!

The Bond actor who is on top recently on the shoot of  Runaway Minivan where his co collegue & actress Uma Thruman was on the location of a new ongoin movie during the shooting of the film where Pierce Brosan spotted a minivan speeding & exceeding the limit to Uma Thruman. It was known that Uma was resting on a grassy plain with her cast & the crew members of the movie & suddenly Pierce started yelling out “Get out of the way”. When no one payed attention to him he ran toward the high speeding van jumped in & pressed the brakes.

Pierce Brosnan                                Uma Thruman


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  1. It really suprising waht Pierce have done to save th life of Uma Thruman during the shootin of the movie it shas made more herioc attempt of saving his collegue from a great danger and i feel he done the right thing…..

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